Sunday 26 August 2018

Fighting Hearts #Review

Fighting Hearts (Hearts So Fine Book 1)

“Sometimes big secrets come in even bigger packages…” 

Stressed-out trauma nurse Louise Becker gets a gigantic surprise when a locker room mix-up results in an up close and very personal encounter with MMA heavyweight fighter “Madman” Markovski. Finding herself helplessly drawn to his warrior body and quiet strength, Louise buries her feelings until she suddenly needs a place to crash and Madman comes to her rescue. Confined to close quarters, their urgent needs can no longer be denied, despite Louise knowing that Madman is hiding something from her… 
Usalv “Madman” Markovski has lived a lifetime of rejection and loss. While part of him craves love and stability, he knows it doesn’t last. In the end, everyone leaves. His longing for Louise is all-consuming, but that complicates things even more. Can she handle all he has to offer, or will the depths of his need scare her away? When his continued denial puts Louise in a dangerous situation, Usalv must make a choice—to trust in their love or to fight against his own heart’s desire. 

Kindle Edition278 pages
Published June 4th 2018 by Annabeth Saryu

Louise starts working in a fighting gym. It's a male-dominated environment and testosterone is high. Her day job is nursing (trauma). She is used to dealing with people. 

Usalv is a heavyweight mixed martial arts champion. He's all alpha and a lone wolf. Louise is the first girl who has caught his attention in a long time, and she's a distraction he doesn't need, but that doesn't mean he can resist. 

Usalv isn't used to not getting what he wants. Louise has a lot on her plate and wants to resist But he isn't taking no for an answer. 

This is an easy bedtime read aimed at the 18+ audience. The story is fast-paced. Usalv is an alpha male but he has deep to this character. 

I won this book in a Facebook giveaway, however, I read it via Kindle Unlimited. 

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