Wednesday 8 August 2018

The Plus One #Review #BookBirthday

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The plus one is about a lady called Polly. She doesn't take life too seriously and is a Bridget personality type. She's not good at dating, she quite often says the wrong thing and she over analyses every little detail. Her last relationship, if you can call it that was with a banker called Fred who she had two under average sexual encounters with. Polly is basically just coasting through life. She's not looking for Mr Right. She is just enjoying life and not worrying about her mistakes.

Polly works for a magazine, Posh!. It's a celebrity magazine that covers gossip about weddings, babies and scandals. Polly has landed an interview with Jasper. He's a rich, posh, bachelor full of charm. He doesn't have much luck with the ladies and is always in the heat of dating gossip. Against her better judgment, she starts to like him and accidentally dating him. 
Polly is a walking disaster. Her sex life is cringeworthy. She drinks too much and isn't afraid to make a fool of herself. She finds it easier to make friends than find potential boyfriends.

This book is set in London and works around Polly's busy schedule. For some readers, this is going to be a great book. It fits well with the busy working London lifestyle. Polly is a single girl who is struggling to work out how to date and it's supposed to be funny. If you like this type of story you will like this book. I was expecting a wedding plus one story that turned into love. That is definitely not this book. It does have a happy ending but it's about stumbling through life without a plan.

It's so hard not to put my judgemental Kate head on, but Polly is not my type of girl. Her thoughts during sexual encounters were supposed to be funny but I found them too much. She dates friends ex-partners which I thought was totally against the girl code (especially without asking). She is a modern lady and trying to find her way. She makes plenty of mistakes but gets straight back on the horse.

For me, this was an ok read. 3 stars out of 5. I think this book is aimed at the single ladies that can laugh at bad dates and the pulling knickers. 
*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 
384 pages. Amazon Uk £4.99
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 Publication: August 9th 2018 by HQ

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