Monday 27 August 2018

Seagrove Secrets #Review

Seagrove Secrets

(Love Along Hwy 30A #3)

With Shayla Harrison’s dangerous ex leaving rehab and headed her way, she needs to find a safe house and fast. When tall, dark, and ridiculously handsome Chase O’Neil offers a secure place to stay in beautiful Seagrove Beach for dirt cheap, she and her wallet can’t refuse. Romance is the last thing she wants, but the safety and warmth she feels with Chase are impossible to ignore.

Chase is the life of the party. He makes everyone laugh—whatever it takes to hide a soul-deep pain he can't fix. He’s been living in romance purgatory since his son died and his marriage ended six years ago. When he meets the mysterious and intriguing Shayla, the emotional wall he’s worked so hard to build starts to crumble. She makes him want all the things he knows he can’t have, including her love.

Seagrove Secrets is book three in the Love Along Highway 30A series, which features beautiful beach communities, a circle of unique and amazing friends, and romances that will have you cheering on the couples and fanning yourself from the heat. All books are standalone and can be enjoyed in or out of order.

Kindle Edition
Published June 19th 2018 by Perry Evans Press

Seagrove secrets is the 3rd book in the Love along hwy 30A series. It can be read as a standalone and is available on Kindle Unlimited. 

Shayla and Chase's story has a serious and sad undertone. Some readers will love this but for me, I prefer my books a little more happy-go-lucky. Melissa Chambers is one of my favourite authors and I'm always excited to see what she comes up with next. Chase is a sweetie and Shayla is a great catch. 

Shayla has split with her ex. Their relationship had got out of control leaving her a little on edge. Her ex-had started drinking and behaving badly. She had to get away and decided to stay at her brother's house. Bo is due back in town soon and Shayla doesn't want to live with a couple. She is hoping Chase can find her a new place. 

Chase works in real estate and is happy to help Shayla. When they first meet he knows she's troubled and wants to help. Shayla moves into Chase's pool house and the two become close. 

Neither character is looking for love but both need support. 4 stars out of 5. 

This book features characters from the other books but like I said it's not essential you read them. Shayla is a little frightened of her ex at the start of the story and cautious of men. This sets the tone for the book right from the start. This is an interesting story but wasn't my favourite by this author.

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