Tuesday 4 June 2019

Pretty Little Thing #CoverReveal

Pretty Little Thing is Coming July 5th.

‘“Daddy?” He stops in his tracks, just a few steps from the front door. “Are you leaving again?” I draw out the ‘again’ so that it becomes a childish whine. I sound much younger than twelve years old but I know a lot more than daddy thinks I do. He turns to me, his face full of sorrow.

“I’m sorry, pumpkin, Daddy’s gotta go away for work.” He comes back and crouches down in front of me and ruffles my hair as he smiles and looks down at my yellow dress. “I’ll be back before you know it though!”

I’m not sure whether I believe him. I want to. But he never looks me or momma in the eye when he’s lying, he’s won’t look at me now and I know that’s a bad sign. I hate when he goes because he always comes back hurt. Like last time, he came home with broken fingers. He told me he’d slammed them in the car door accidentally but there’s only so many times that that’s believable.

He stands up again and I resist the urge to hug him. If he’s gonna lie, I’m gonna keep my hugs. I watch from the front room as he leaves our family home. He waves goodbye but I can barely stand to wave back, sick of watching him leave. He gets on his dark blue motorbike and rides away.

If I’d known then that that would have been the last time I saw my father, I’d have clung to him and never let go.’ - Angel

To read the rest… Pretty Little Thing releases July 5th 😜
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