Thursday 20 June 2019

Returning to Mr. Darcy Tour and Giveaway

Returning to Mr. Darcy
by Sheena Austin
Genre: Time Travel Romance 

Elizabeth Bennet has the perseverance and heart of a warrior, but life has knocked her down and she has lost her spark. However, after a car accident and awakening to find herself back in time with a man who calls her his wife, she finally finds the spark she had lost. She realizes it’s time to stop being scared and embrace the impossible.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is plagued with the possibility of his wife never recovering from amnesia. He shrugs off her odd habits as side effects of her accident. Distraught, he finds solace in keeping his distance at the bottom of a glass of whiskey. He assumes she has another lover, since she calls out for another man in the middle of the night, and when he sees her in the arms of another man, he is heartbroken, and finds it all too easy to sever what ties remain. When he comes to know the error of his ways, he wonders if Elizabeth could ever forgive him for his harsh judgment.

Elizabeth was hesitant to go to the party. However, she hoped Darcy would show up. It had been two weeks since she’d last seen him. He hadn’t attempted to visit her or contact her. She was upset; however, she tried to convince herself it didn’t matter since she hardly knew the man, and she planned on leaving and finding her way back home. She tried to make peace with never seeing him again, telling herself she had a life to get back to and that she needed to gather up the pieces of her broken heart. Men, after all, had only let her down in the past. What would make it so different if Darcy were the same? He wasn’t real — all of this was a hallucination, but it was very realistic, to say the least. She only wanted to be left alone. However, Lydia was very insistent on having a birthday party for her. Elizabeth tried not to act surprised, yet she couldn’t conceal the dumbfounded look on her face.

Sheena Austin is the author of Returning to Mr. Darcy and Alexandria. A lover of all romance, fantasy, cat whisperer, and Kermit obsessed, the author currently lives in Virginia with her boyfriend and two cats. She is a substitute teacher and aspires to fulfill her dream of being a Special Education teacher.

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