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Future, Broken Tour and Giveaway

Future, Broken
Project Mars Book 1
by Jacey Holbrand & Elizabeth Monvey
Genre: M/M SciFi Romance 

In the future, be careful who you trust.

Nathaniel Stockton and Grover Silas Ranger are faced with the ultimate test to their relationship when the Project Mars Lottery comes to town. Nate wins a chance to have his dreams come true: to live and work on the red planet with his love. Yet his husband, Ranger, doesn't see the point of going from one bad place to another. But an evil organization called Sector has a completely different idea for the couple.

Kidnapped, experimented on, impregnated, and sent to Mars, Nate realizes too late he trusted the wrong people.

Ranger fights to find a way to Nate. Will he make it to his love before their dreams and lives are irrevocably broken by distance, a pregnancy, and the corrupt agency?

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“I’m glad I came to my senses as well.” Ranger stretched across the bed and grabbed the lube from the nightstand, while Nate got comfortable on his stomach. He clicked open the bottle, then drizzled the cool liquid into the cleft of Nate’s ass. Ranger worked it into the crack and the hole, first with one finger then a second.
“Mmm, I love it when you finger me,” Nate said, slightly wiggling and lifting his butt up.
“Eager, aren’t you?”
“Me too. How about you lay on your back?” Ranger removed his hand.
Nate flipped over.
Ranger prepped his cock with lube as Nate dreamily stared up at him.
“My ass feels empty without your fingers in me. I can’t wait until your cock takes their place. After all the fighting and upset that’s occurred between us, I’m looking forward to feeling connected to you again.”
Ranger placed himself between Nate’s legs and manipulated his body for better access. “I’m looking forward to the bond, too,” he replied, edging his cock into Nate’s ass. He sucked in a stream of air as the sphincter muscles fought the entry. Almost as if they’d remembered the last intrusion. Unlike the other time, though, Ranger took it easy, gently rocking his pelvis to and fro. The muscles relaxed, allowing Ranger to fill his husband.
Nate’s ass clenched and milked Ranger’s length. Ranger slipped his hand between their bodies and encircled Nate’s cock, giving him a hand job in syncopation to the ass-fucking. Tingly sensations whirled within Ranger’s body, threatening to overwhelm him, but he’d make damn sure Nate climaxed before he did. Nate grasped the bedsheets, closed his eyes, and groaned as Ranger worked himself in and out of him. Several times, Ranger went balls deep, and Nate smiled when he did so.
“I wish you could stay within me forever, Ranger. I never want you to leave me or me to leave you.”
Ranger hummed in agreement, fighting off the urge to release himself into his husband. “I feel like I’m about to explode again,” Ranger whispered, seating himself as far in as he could go and pausing to rest. “But I really want to enjoy our time together. Make it last forever.”
“I was thinking the same thing,” Nate returned in a quiet voice and then kissed Ranger.
The touch of their lips sang through his veins. He swept his tongue into the recesses of his husband’s mouth, exploring and tasting him for all he was worth. He slowly went back to pumping in and out of Nate.
He loved being linked to his husband in this manner, feeling his thick cock in him, his heat, knowing Nate was enjoying their time together as much as he was.
After sliding his mouth along Nate’s cheek to his ear, Ranger said, “I … I can’t hold back anymore.”
Nate wrapped his arms tightly around him. “Then don’t.”
Ranger picked up his pace for a bit and then gave one final core touching push. Emotional and physical passion rushed through Ranger. Euphoria filled him and seeped out through his skin in a heated blast. Nate must have been experiencing something similar because he’d grown hot to the touch as well and spilled his seed onto his abdomen.
Knowing Nate had found his pinnacle of pleasure, he came himself, then collapsed on top of Nate, not bothering to slide out of his ass.
“Profound,” Ranger whispered.
“How so?”
“It seemed … intense. Not that I haven’t had mind blowing orgasms with you in the past, but this… I don’t know.”
“I think I understand. We’ve evolved in our relationship because we communicated about certain feelings. We’re experiencing a different level of love now. It makes sense it would reflect in our lovemaking.”

Ranger pecked Nate’s forehead and withdrew. He rolled onto his back, bringing Nate with him to rest in the crook of his body.

Future, Betrayed
Project Mars, Book 2

A creak behind him had him spinning around. Nate stood in
the doorway. He’d pulled his brown hair back into a stubby pigtail
and stared at him with a pained, almost haunted gaze. It was almost
the same expression Nate had had on his face when he first walked
into his gym all those years ago. The scrawny kid seemed terrified to
be there but understood the best thing he needed to do for himself was
to exercise. Ranger had been happy to take the fellow under his wing
and show him the ropes. Before long, Nate had grown into a fit and
toned young man and had carved a niche in his heart.
Ranger only wished Nate would realize the best thing now
would be to give up badgering him about Mars. The whole let’s move
to a new planet, let’s not move to a new planet argument between
them frustrated him to no end.
Life wouldn’t be better there. They’d face a different set of
problems. They’d still be poor. They’d still have to live in a cramped
hovel. He didn’t see how living on the red world would be a better
situation for them. At least on Earth he felt he had a fighting chance to
create a decent life for the two of them.
Nate entered the room. “Ranger—”
He held up his hand. He’d heard Nate’s rationale before.
Several times. This time, Nate needed to hear him. “I know we don’t
live in luxury,” Ranger said in a resigned voice. “We’ll probably
never experience any kind of opulence. If I hadn’t sold my gym, used
a good portion of my savings to go in on the security business with
Sully, and gone into debt from its failure, maybe things would have
been different by now.” He sighed and shook his head.
What a scam. His “friend” had filled his head with pipe
dreams of opening several offices, having accounts at stores, in the
rich communities, maybe becoming a security team for one of the
casinos. He’d said he’d already had people and locations lined up. All
he’d needed was capital to set the plan in motion.
“Sully really fucked me over,” Ranger continued, beating
himself up all over again for not doing his due diligence before
handing over funds and selling his business. But he’d been eager for a
great opportunity and a large and fast return on investment. “I’m sorry
I can’t provide more for you than this cramped hovel of an
apartment.” He glanced around and sighed. “Made even smaller when
we split our bedroom into two.”
“But I don’t need riches. I just need you and your love.”
“A sweet sentiment, Nate, but let me say the rest of this before
my thoughts scatter. There are times I wish we’d met a hundred years
ago and could have lived together in better conditions. Not some
place where you have to wear protective gear outside these walls. Not
where there are polluted skies. A lack of sun. More concrete, rebar,
and steel than grass, trees, and sky. Buildings and communities
covered in domes we don’t have access to. But at least in here we’ve
made a home with each other, a clean and bright one, even if it’s with
artificial sunlight. And stuff we’ve acquired by dumpster diving since
we can barely afford a pot to piss in.” Pausing, he ran a hand over his
face and shook his head with a huff, as if he were uncertain with
himself over what he was saying.
“I know the Mars adverts show a gleaming utopia. A promise
of a better life. But what if it’s like the resistance says and it’s not
paradise? What if up there,” Ranger pointed toward the ceiling, “is
actually worse than down here? Why trade for the devil you don’t
know over the devil you do? Why can’t Earth … can’t I … be enough
for you?” His eyes filled with moisture. He hoped what he’d said, and
his rare show of emotion, would be adequate and put the whole Mars
deal to rest. He was tired of rehashing it all, being forced to face his
Nate took a deep breath and closed some of the distance
between them. “Before I came in here, I was prepared for you to yell
at me or something. Your reasoning is sound, but my reasons are
valid, too, when it comes to traveling to the new world. We’re smart
and able-bodied. Neither of us have ever had major health problems.
We should be able to go there without issue, but I can’t help feeling
there’s something you’re still hiding. You’re keeping from me the real
reason why you want to stay on Earth so bad. But right now, I don’t
feel like arguing. We can debate our points later. All I want to do is
this.” Nate swept Ranger into his arms.
When Nate planted his mouth on his and their lips touched,
liquid iron heat pooled in Ranger’s core. His nerves caught fire and
sizzled like drops of water on a super-hot pan. A lust only Nate would
be able to satisfy filled his body.
Ranger grasped Nate’s shoulders, then wrapped a hand around
the back of his neck. He delighted Nate’s warm skin upon his fingers,
and then he fed them through Nate’s hair and tugged, dislodging his
attempt at a pigtail.
Grinning against Ranger’s mouth, Nate unzipped Ranger’s
pants and ran the tips of his fingers along his cock. Ranger returned
the smile upon Nate’s lips and swayed his hips, encouraging Nate to
stroke his shaft. Ranger followed suit with his free hand with Nate’s
cock. Nate edged his pelvis closer. Their tongues warred with each
other as they kissed, and they fell into a rhythm of kissing and jerking
off each other.
After several moments, Ranger broke their lip lock. “Does it
feel good?” he asked in a husky whisper, toying with Nate’s hard-on
and balls.
“Yes. Very.”
“I want you, Nate.” Ranger licked his way down Nate’s neck
to the collar of his shirt.
Nate trembled against Ranger. “I want you, too,” he whispered
in return.
Ranger captured his husband’s mouth in another kiss and only
stopped to pull Nate’s shirt over his head, which Nate then did in kind
with Ranger’s. Standing close together in the middle of the room, they
ran their hands up each other’s smooth chests, outlining the dips and
curves of their muscles. Ranger toyed with Nate’s nipples, eventually
ending the kiss to latch onto one of the hard nubs. Nate sucked in a
stream of air.
“Oh, shit, Ranger. That drives me wild.”
Chuckling, Ranger licked the tip of it, then trailed his tongue
down Nate’s body, dropping onto his knees and yanking Nate’s pants
down all in one motion, but he didn’t take Nate’s cock in his mouth.
He sat there glancing between the rigid length and his face.
“Ranger? Why are you messing with me?”
“I want to hear what you want me to do,” Ranger said in a
deep, sexy tone and smiled up at him. “Tell me, in detail, what you
“I want you to wrap your gorgeous mouth around my cock. I
want you to suck me with intensity, like you’re desperate for a drink
only I can give you and enjoy it when it comes. Then I want you to
take my ass with the same drive and need. Make me forget the world
around us for the time being.”
His husband’s request sent more heat racing through him and
down into his cock. Somehow Ranger’s dick grew even harder. He
gazed straight into Nate’s eyes. For a fleeting instant, he thought
about capitulating, telling Nate he’d go to Mars with him should he
buy a ticket and win. He didn’t want to ruin the mood or start another
argument, though, by opening the Mars discussion again. Ranger kept
his thought to himself. “Get on the bed on your back. Ass near the
edge and your legs spread.”
As Nate complied, stepping out of the clothes pooling around
his ankles and feet, Ranger stood and finished removing his clothes.
Once Nate settled into position, Ranger knelt between his legs and
proceeded to lick, stroke, and suck Nate’s cock and balls as he’d
Loving the way his husband tasted, he closed his eyes and
focused on the pleasure he was giving, the sensations sprinting
through him, and the atmosphere surrounding them. Slurping and
sucking. Panting breaths. Heady musk of sex. All of it exquisite.
A perfect tension release.
“Damn, Ranger, you’re wonderful. Don’t ever think for one
moment you’re not enough. You are. Most people … can’t afford …
much. Fuck, your mouth is heaven. You know… It doesn’t give me
pleasure to think of us not being together. I want us to live together,
love together, travel together.”
Ranger drew off the length. “Nate, not now.”
Nate sighed. He propped himself up on his elbows and stared
at Ranger. “Seriously. When we married, I vowed to always be by
your side. I hope that’s the case for the rest of our lives no matter
So much for starting to relax. With a growl, Ranger grasped
Nate’s body and flipped him over.

Jacey Holbrand believes life and love comes in all forms and should be celebrated. She’s committed to her muse and writing so she can share her stories with readers. Hot days. Sexy nights. Come play in her world. Jacey loves to hear from readers!

Elizabeth Monvey is the pseudonym for a single mother from Los Angeles. She writes manlove stories, where the hero meets the man of his dreams because happily ever after is one of her favorite things.

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