Thursday 10 October 2019

Tabloid Princess #OutNow

πŸ‘‘Available LIVE in KINDLE UNLIMITED is the love story that was never meant to happen πŸ‘‘

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She didn't believe in fairy tales until she fell for a prince.
Single mother, Leia Lawrence didn't have a storybook childhood. Now? Dating… men…? She’d rather stay in her tower of solitude.

Until her path crosses with the heir to the British throne.

He should be the bad boy the press portray him as.

He isn’t.

He should be as arrogant as the rich elites she despises.

He isn’t

He should be easy to walk away from.

Oh, boy, he isn’t.

Oliver is nothing like the man she expects. Smart, funny and caring, he could push through every defence she has in place.

But one passing moment could change everything. It could bring the press to her door and uncover secrets she thinks are long dead. 

What will he be willing to do to protect her? 

She has nowhere left to turn, except to her prince.

The only thing she can do is wait and see if he’ll choose to protect his country… or her…

The Tabloid Princess is a modern twist on a classic love story, guaranteed to make you fall in love, grab your copy now:

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