Friday 16 September 2022

Faking it with Archie by Danielle Jacks


Faking it with Archie: A Rent-a-date story
by Danielle Jacks

Victoria Ainsworth is a name I’m hoping to get in to every high street store. I’m one of Rebel Jacks’ top designers and fashion is my life. When Archibald Banks auditions for a modelling job with me, we get off to a shaky start. He’s drop-dead gorgeous and I judge him all wrong. When I’m given the opportunity to attend a high-profile ball, I need a date, but there’s a catch; Archibald Banks is the only man for the job. Thanks to a picture of the two of us on social media, my mother thinks we’re dating. Can I advance my career and fake date a guy who might be more irresistible than I first thought?

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