Sunday 10 September 2017


Emerge (Mer Chronicles #1) 

My Review:

I want to be a mermaid too! Emerge is the fantastic start of the Mer Chronicles, and I'm totally addicted. Submerge Book 2 is due out 12th September, and it's just as good. I love the added touches like sea talk and the legends.

Lia is a mermaid trying to fit in a human world. Her legs don't work the way she wants, and she has to watch she doesn't slip up with her mermaid ways. Clay is a human boy at school she has a crush on but try's to keep her distance from. A new girl starts at school and starts dating Clay. Lia is jealous but also concerned. The new girl may not have Clays best interest at heart, and Lia just can't leave it alone. Lia and Clay spend time working on a class project together and they can't help becoming closer. Lia is supposed to marry a merman, and a romance with Clay is classed as taboo, but she struggles to stay away from him. Can she keep him safe as well as her heart?

Lia's family live on land. They are involved in the community and help Mer people. The sea has become unsafe waters since the mermaids lost their immortality. Her family want peace, and try to help others adjust.

This book had me hooked I was interested in all aspects of the story. I loved all the characters. This series is definitely one to watch and I can't wait for more!!

5 out there 5. ARC received as part of the submerge blog tour.

Paperback £11.64, 300 pages
Published April 19th 2016 by Month9Books, LLC



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