Wednesday 29 July 2020

Blood Never Washes Out Tour and Giveaway!

Blood Never Washes Out 
by C.C. Scharon 
Genre: Suspense, Thriller 

A deathbed promise—a secret kept for decades...
Everything about DEA Agent Jake Castillo’s life is a lie and he doesn’t know it. Seeing two fellow agents killed right before his eyes has left him with PTSD and a thirst for revenge on the drug lord who murdered them. He vows to bring El Toro to justice.
When the enigmatic Gabriella abducts him, Jake wakes up a week later in his San Diego home with no memory of what happened. Convinced his kidnapping was not a random act, he ignores department policy and returns to Colombia to unravel the secrets of his past.
But can he live with the truth? 

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As her eyelids fluttered, she gave him a furtive smile. “One more thing.” Her voice became so weak he had to lean down to hear her raspy whisper. “Bury me in an unmarked grave.”
His chest constricted. “What?”
A deep exhale echoed through the treatment room when she found peace in death. The child cried out as if he knew of his mother’s passing.
The girl had no identification. She had been delivered to the clinic while communications were down from the storm that had racked the area for days. No way for him to call for help—was it intentional? He had given her a promise, which went against all his principles. It all felt so surreal.
Standing, he picked up the baby, held him close, and pulled a sheet over the girl’s body. In the midst of sorrow, God had given the doctor a son. A gift he decided he would accept without question.
Her words haunted him. “Bury me in an unmarked grave,” she had said. What trouble had she gotten into to elicit such a request?

A fan of dark and dangerous medieval Scotland, Connie C. Scharon published her first Scottish historical romance in June of 2013. The success of that book led to eight other romance novels, but Connie wanted to mix things up a little. 

Her medical background gave her a desire to create stories that wove her hospital experiences, visits to the morgue, and tours of the forensic lab into crime-focused novels. 

In 2020, writing as C. C. Scharon, she transitioned from her romance roots into mystery and suspense with the international thriller BLOOD NEVER WASHES OUT. 

Connie is a life-long resident of Maryland. She belongs to multiple professional organizations, including Pennwriters, Romance Writers of American, and Maryland Writers Association. 

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