Friday 24 July 2020

Rough Love (Kindred #3) #Review

Rough Love (Kindred #3)

After watching my friends all get coupled up and blissfully happy, I vowed that it would never be me. Being with one woman – and only one woman – was enough to make me sick. I’d get bored.
I was a cocky fucker and that’s how I planned on staying...
Playing the field suited me right and I wasn’t going to give that up for anything. Football and women were all that I knew and that was how it was going to stay.
Until she came along…
Meghan came into my life and turned it on its axis. She was feisty, had the right amount of sass and didn’t take any of my cockiness to heart. Having her in my life shouldn’t have been as much hard work as it was turning out to be but when I was with her...
It all felt right; even though it should feel wrong.

I had no time for men. They were a waste of time and energy and were only good for one thing.
The last man that I had let into my life had made me learn that lesson. After being made a mother, I was taught that I could only rely on one person. Myself. There was no prince charming; only a prince for the night.
Logan was a player. That was obvious. I had vowed to stay as far away as I could from players but when I saw him with my baby girl, I wanted him to be my prince charming. One night was never going to be enough with him...
Logan West wasn’t a perfect love. He was a rough love that would leave you torn to pieces when he left.


It’s the final instalment of the Kindred series and I’ve loved every minute of this series. Each story has a romance, a struggle and a mystery. Rough love is Logan’s story.

When Meghan split with her ex it was more than hurt feelings she was left with, but some mistakes are a blessing in disguise. When Logan shows an interest in her she’s wary of his reputation.

Logan isn’t looking to settle down but when he meets Meghan he knows she’s different.

This is a college romance about family. It’s the third instalment of the series. It can be read as a standalone however like most books it’s enhanced with the background of the other books.

Paperback/KU read.

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