Thursday 30 July 2020

The Trouble with You #Review #Audiobook



Audiobook purchase.

I’ve read this series out of order. Overall it didn’t matter but I did know key events that were going to happen in this story. I would recommend not following my lead.

The trouble with you is Hailee and Cameron’s story. Hailee’s step brother is what stands in their way but there chemical reactions to each other means sparkles will fly.

It’s senior year and it’s time to figure out what’s more important. Cameron has always been all about football but this year distracts are going to prove life isn’t always planned out from the beginning of the game.

Hailee doesn’t want Cameron. In fact she wants to find a nice boyfriend who will treat her well. The problem is her step-brother. It doesn’t matter if she tries to stay out of his way, his life seems to overshadow hers.

This gave me a range of emotions and I enjoyed every minute of it. Cam and Hails were perfect together.

Two great narrators who enhanced the story. Very enjoyable.

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