Wednesday 13 January 2021

The Heir - Part Two (The Kings & Queens of St Augutus, #4) #Review


An heir and a spare, two sides of the same coin, separated and divided.

But we’re not apart anymore.

It’s time for our parents to pay for their sins.

Love, family, and a future I never dreamed are all within reach, but revenge is sweet and this time we’re the ones calling the shots.


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My Review:

The Heir part two was great. I’ve really enjoyed this series and I’m sad it’s over. It’s written in four continuous parts and available on kindle unlimited.

The final instalment gets the results we all wanted to see and shows the twins progression. Carrigan wants revenge on her parents because of the way they treated her. With the help of her twin, some new friends and a potential love match. They try to take down the empire of Mum and Dad.

Carrigan grow as a person is really interesting to see. She starts as the mean girls and blooms into her personality.

Carson was Carrigan but he’s will to wait for her to figure out they are mean to be.

This series needs to be read from the beginning starting with The Spare part one. Highly recommended. It’s a Young Adult storyline but with adult themes.

Well worth the read.

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