Tuesday 23 February 2021




What I thought I’d get on Valentine’s Day: books. What I got on Valentine’s Day: a blind date with my brand new roommate. Let it be known that I, Saylor Green, am wholeheartedly against blind dating. I think it’s superficial, unnecessary, and designed wholly to force people into relationships they aren’t ready for. It’s me. I’m people. So when Dylan Parker takes the seat across from me, I’m ready to dismiss him at one glance. The problem? He’s hot and funny and sweet and the exact kind of guy I read about in the romance novels I sell like hotcakes in my bookstore. He’s also my new roommate. Who likes to walk around in his sweatpants and peer over my shoulder and comment on all my online dating escapades. When he offers to help me flirt my way to dating success, I’m all for it. But what am I supposed to do when the only person I want to flirt with is... Dylan?

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Saylor lacks a filter. She’ll happily tell you what she’s thinking. When it comes to her roommate he better be prepared. Blind dates aren’t Saylor’s thing. Finding out the guy she’s set up with is her hot roommate doesn’t make it any better.

These two are entertaining right from the start. Dylan likes to push her buttons and Saylor is happy to tell him what’s on her mind.

The banter works well and the chemistry is both entertaining and flirty without them even realising it.

Another great read. I’m a huge fan of Emma Harts and I’m always on board to see what she comes up with next.

This series is full of bookworm jokes and typical thoughts which only adds to the humour.

The bookworms guide to flirting is the third book in this series. It can be read as a standalone but the series is about a group of best friends who own a bookstore.

5 out of 5. I’ve really enjoyed this series and I’m look forward to meeting more of the chapters in future books.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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