Thursday 22 July 2021

Dirty Kisses and Conflicting Wishes #Blitz



Dirty Kisses & Conflicting Wishes (Book #1 in the Kiss Me series) by Danielle Jacks

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An unlikely couple, a relationship built on lies, and a future they didn’t see coming. 

My name is Zoe Merrill, and my sophisticated city life just blew up in my face. My family thinks I have a good job, and a smart boyfriend, but the reality is that I’ve just lost them both. When a misunderstanding leads them to believe my brother’s ex best friend is my new beau, I can’t bring myself to tell the truth, but I can’t live this lie forever, can I? 

Damien Chuke is my name, but I wish it was written in lights. Being an actor in London’s West End is my lifelong dream. Instead, I’m working as a stripper in a bar to get by. When Zoe Merrill unexpectedly stumbles back into my life, the opportunity to get revenge on her backstabbing brother is too sweet to resist. When bad news from home sets my world in a spin, I never thought I’d be re-introducing her to my family as my fiancée, but we can’t go through with the wedding, can we?

One fake relationship, two different goals, and a whole lot of heated chemistry. 

Dirty Kisses and Conflicting Wishes is a steamy romance intended for an adult audience. It’s the first book in the Kiss Me series, although it can be read as a standalone story.

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