Monday 1 July 2019

A Summer With You book blitz!

A Summer With You (A Wrecking Ball #2)
by Angela Parkhurst
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 25th 2019


“I’m going to apologize in advance,” he warned as he kicked the door to his room open and set me on the edge of the king-sized bed. 
“For what?” I stared up at him, a renewed desire flickering through this crystal blue eyes. He was a man hell-bent on chaos. 
“Destroying your clothes.” 

Pippa Infantino knew the moment Chase Matthews laid eyes on her, she was in trouble. He was the kind of guy who turned you on with one tiny smirk. Guys like him were off limits to girls like Pippa—Smart. Educated. Reserved. 

So, when Chase offered Pippa a deal—a summer of being his plus one to weddings—Pippa’s first instinct was to run. But Chase was a smooth talker and Pippa was tired of being ridiculed by her family for living a boring single life. Her crazy Italian aunts were like little matchmakers trying to set her up with every eligible Italian Bachelor in the county. 

In an effort to step way out of her comfort zone, Pippa agreed to spend the summer as Chase’s girlfriend. Only if they had rules. No sex was number one. Except his kisses were insatiable, addictive, creating a desire she never knew existed. Soon, Pippa realized his reputation did not do him justice and sex…yeah that was never off the table. But love? That was an entirely different game Pippa was hell-bent on staying away from. 

A SUMMER WITH YOU, is a New Adult Novel. While a standalone novel, it is the second book in the WRECKING BALL series.

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“I have to know something,” Chase asked. I turned, crossing my arms over my chest as he faced me, an entire room separating us and yet it felt as if he were right beside me. The essence of him swirled in the air, unwilling to let me go. “And you have to tell the truth.”

“Because you never lie?” My brow rose.

“Never. I believe in brutal honesty if you couldn’t tell.” His eyes held mine, silently pleading me to tell the truth. To play his little game, despite the warning sirens in the back of my mind.

“Okay, what’s the question?” My stomach knotted.

“If Ayla hadn’t walked in, would you have kissed me back?” He strutted toward me, like a lion aiming for his prey.

My eyes narrowed, not letting him win so easily. “That’s assuming you were going to kiss me.”

Chase smiled like a wicked boy who got whatever he wanted. “There’s no question. If she hadn’t walked in, we’d be having sex right now or I’d go down on you. Either way, we’d be in ecstasy.” My heart pounded in my chest, never once had a guy been so forward as Chase Matthews. Crimson heated my cheeks. “Well, depending on the answer to my question.”

Why was it so hot to listen to him tell me what he wanted to do to me? My entire body woke up, desire awakening something I thought was nonexistent.

“If we kissed, I would’ve kissed you back,” I shrugged, maintaining a cool, collected exterior while my insides were screaming at me to close the gap and jump his bones. “But we aren’t.”

“Yet.” He teased and damn if I didn’t feel it all the way to the tips of my curled toes.

I swallowed hard, the knot tightening in my throat as his eyes zeroed in on mine. There was something predatorial about his gaze, almost as if I were being hunted and lured into a trap. It was terrifying yet thrilling. Though Chase could never know, so I did what I did best, play the fool.

My eyes narrowed, ready to use my sister’s reputation to protect me. At this point, it was the only card I had left to scare him off.

“Hasn’t anyone told you Infantino’s are crazy? We’re not the kind of girls guys like you get mixed up with.”

His arms crossed over his chest, a smile ticked at the corner of his cheeks. Shit, I used the wrong choice of words. I had tempted, baited, and hooked Chase without realizing it.

“I think you are exactly the kind of girl I want to get mixed up with.”

About the Author

Hello from Sunny Florida!!! I am the author of the young adult series, The Forgotten Fairytales and the new adult novels, TO GET TO YOU and A SUMMER WITH YOU.

I love reading YA and NA books. I'm a boy mom, dog mom & I'm married to my high school sweetheart. I have an obsession with books, Disney, and am fueled by a wicked coffee addiction.

I am also obsessed with fashion, when I'm not writing or playing with the family, I am an advocate for body positivity, helping women everywhere love their bodies no matter what size they are.

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