Monday 1 July 2019

Once Upon a Death Tour and Giveaway

Once Upon a Death
Days of Death Series Book 1
by Dzintra Sullivan
Genre: Cozy Mystery 

I never chose death—death chose me.
Now I choose change.

Kaah Maah had been the reaper for over a millennia. The mundane repetition of collecting souls night after night from an ever-increasing population was beginning to grind on him. Kaah had witnessed an ocean of unique faces, all confronted with their final moments on earth. Though different in appearance they all showed one final emotion—fear.

Kaah wanted a change. He craved quiet serenity, where he could perfect his yoga poses while listening to his favorite singer Michael Bublè. Kaah wanted nothing more than to retire and become a ‘no one special’ in a ‘nowhere special’ town.

When strange things began happening in Deadend, Ohio, the question had to be asked.

You might be able to take the reaper away from death, but can you ever actually take death away from the reaper?

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It was surprising to him, watching humans go about their normal day without fear of meeting in a dark alley. They weren’t anywhere near as annoying as he had previously thought. If anything, they seemed generous, kind and thoughtful. Take the last week for example? He had just moved into town, and right from the first hour their neighbor was extremely friendly. He had found his favorite place to eat, a park to walk in at night time, a new job with people that seemed to accept him. Now, he had been given a car, a hearse no less. For the first time since he had made a decision to retire, he actually felt it was the right choice.

My name is Dzintra Sullivan and I am an international best selling author based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. I fell in love with books as a young girl, reading Judy Blume and Enid Blyton. Progressing onto loving the supernatural genre as a teenager and never left. I write paranormal romance, romantic comedy and cozy mysteries. I love to laugh and making my readers laughsnortfart is my primary goal. I won't apologise for who I am, I was born to stand out.

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