Monday 14 December 2020

My Pride Is Sealed #Out Now #Review


My Pride Is Sealed

(Sealed With a Kiss #8)


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My Review

***Part of a continuous series. My review does give details of previous books***

My pride is sealed perfectly wraps into Zoe and Elijah world. It’s hot and heavy with scenes of an adult nature.

What happens when your best friend falls in love and it’s not with the person you wish it was? Maddie is into Zoe but Zoe’s all about Elijah. Can Maddie find her own happy ever after and hold onto her best friend.

Zoe is a famous musician and we’ve known about her stalk for a while now. The bit we don’t know is Maddie’s side of the story.

Autumn has her own heart ache but she’s about to become the person Maddie can lean on. The chemistry between these two is heated right from the start.

This is about exploring your sexuality. It’s full of secret and hidden truths. It’s a juicy new addition to the series and I really enjoyed uncovering the details.

ARC however I’ve pre-ordered my forever copy. KU series with music, romance and crime.

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