Tuesday 15 June 2021

Blood Orphan (Book #1 in the Tom Grant series) by Samantha Adair #Freebie Alert



★.•°`☆ FREEBIE ALERT ☆`°•.★

Blood Orphan (Book #1 in the Tom Grant series) by Samantha Adair is currently free for a limited time. This is a must-read series. One-click your copy now!

★★★★★ I can’t help but repeat it; this book is brilliant. I recommend reading it because it will keep you glued to the pages from start to end. - Books Charm Book Blog

★★★★★ This book gives me Reacher vibes, in the sense that it's packed with guns, adventure, and twists and turns, but the main character, Tom Grant, makes the book unique. - Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★ From the storyline to the characters and to the twists and the turns that kept coming, I was hooked! If you have a job, do NOT pick this book up. It will result in nightly readings to 2am! - Cover Love Book Blog

Buy Link: https://books2read.com/u/3yekrB 


'Tom sits on the floor studying the two dead bodies in front of him. It's been a while since he killed. Like riding a bike... only messier.'

Tom Grant, disgraced government agent and functioning alcoholic, is assigned a simple job. Take Isabella Wirth from a banquet before a contract killer puts a bullet in her head.

An opportunity to redeem himself.

A babysitting job. For one night.

Isabella, code breaker at a secret intelligence agency is assigned her own job. Seduce Tom and lure him to a hotel room.

In the space of twenty-four hours, a secret Isabella has kept for ten years unravels, and they discover their pasts are intrinsically connected.

Pursued through the streets of Paris, Tom and Isabella must evade a relentless killer in a deadly game of cat and mouse, while seeking revenge in an effort to reconcile the past.


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