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Night Prince by Felice Stevens #Blitz


Night Prince
Felice Stevens
Publication date: October 31st 2021
Genres: Adult, LGBTQ+, Paranormal, Romance

From Lambda Literary Award winning author Felice Stevens comes a sexy paranormal stand-alone romance.

A vampire who’s lost everything meets a man who has nothing to lose.

For centuries, Massimo D’Alba, banished prince of the Fold, has wandered through life frozen in darkness and pain. Betrayed by his younger, power-hungry brother, he’s existed for centuries but not lived. A rain-soaked night brings smart-mouthed New Yorker, Damion Avery, to his doorstep and suddenly he’s riding spin bikes, shopping for yoga pants, eating ice cream…and falling in love.

Damion Avery can’t figure out why Prince Tall, Dark, and Incredibly Sexy wants him as his personal assistant, but he’s not going to second-guess his good luck. Even though he has to work all night and sleep during the day, the job is too good to be true. But where does Massimo sneak off to in the dead of night? Is he a spy, an assassin, or something else? And what’s with those glowing purple eyes? Damion knows he shouldn’t fall for his boss. But Damion was never one to follow the rules.

When duty calls him home, Massimo must return to save his kingdom, forcing a life-changing decision: leave Damion behind forever, or reveal his deepest, darkest secret to the man who has become his everything, who owns a part of Massimo he’d thought gone forever…his heart.

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For the past century, Massimo had occasionally allowed humans into his home if he found it necessary for his business. He’d hired several—pale, thin creatures who were good with numbers, something Massimo had trouble with even as a child. They assisted him with the Internet when the need arose and kept his books and finances in order because he simply couldn’t. If DaVinci and Galileo, who remained his favorites, had been unable to help him, he would’ve admitted defeat.

This human, however, was proving to be a danger to his physical needs, something he’d kept locked up tight for centuries. He hadn’t lain with a man since the last time with Riice, but Massimo recognized lust. It bubbled inside him the longer he stared at this man.

And he was even prettier awake than in sleep, sweet and innocent-looking. But Massimo had been duped once—his brother had played him well for years, lulling him into a false sense of security before turning on him and stealing his birthright and his life.

He wouldn’t be fooled again. Was he sent as a spy? Had someone from the Fold discovered where he was and sent this morsel to test him? Massimo eyed the man, distrust warring with unexpected desire.

“Excuse me.”

The poor thing jumped and stared at him with wide blue eyes. Thick waves of honey-colored hair fell over his brow, and he carded his fingers through the mess.

“Um. Hello.”

Massimo advanced upon the man. He possessed a lovely rich scent, but Massimo wasn’t interested in his blood. His shocking hunger was of a different kind.

“May I ask who you are and what you are doing in my home?”

“Are you the prince?”

“I believe I asked you a question first. Who are you, and what are you doing here?”

Before the human could answer, Claudio skidded into the room. “Your Highness, I’m sorry I wasn’t there to greet you. I was washing Damion’s shoelaces.”


“Damion. With an o. I know it’s usually with an e, but I guess someone made a mistake on my birth certificate, and…well, yeah. Damion.”

The human’s face had turned a rather adorable shade of pink. “Damion with an o. Understood.”

“And you’re Massimo? The prince?”

He arched a brow at Claudio, who shrugged. “He asked.”

“He…asked.” Massimo shook his head. “Indeed. What else did you tell him that he asked?” He folded his arms and trained his hard gaze upon Claudio, who shifted uneasily under the intense scrutiny. “How did you end up bringing this…stranger here?”

“Don’t be a hard-ass to Claudio. I literally ran into him during the rainstorm earlier. My phone cracked, and he felt guilty as all hell and said he could fix it and brought me here. I must’ve fallen asleep waiting for him. You have a really comfortable couch, by the way.”

“Is that so?” Massimo glided closer to Damion, smiling to himself when Damion’s breath hitched.

“Uh, yeah. Well, I’d better get going. It’s getting late, and you probably want to have dinner.”

“Your sneakers are in the dryer, Damion,” Claudio said. “They shouldn’t take too long.”

“What a help you’ve been to our guest, Claudio.” Massimo leaned against the arched doorway. “As for you, Damion with an o, I insist you stay.” He bared his teeth in a grin.

“I don’t think—”

“You have somewhere else to be?” Massimo put a hand on Damion’s arm and felt him flinch.

A curious electric current shot up his arm.

Author Bio:

Felice Stevens has always been a romantic at heart. She believes that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending around the corner. Her characters have to work for it, because just like life in NYC, nothing comes easy and that includes love.

Felice is the 2020 Lambda Literary Award winning author in best Gay Romance. She lives in New York City and has way too much black in her wardrobe. If she's not writing, you'll probably find her watching reality TV or procrastinating on FB in her reader group, Felice's Breakfast Club.

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