Monday 22 November 2021

Scandalous Anthology #Blitz


Published by: SinCyr Publishing
Publication date: November 20th 2021
Genres: Erotica, Romance

Prepare to be scandalized… in the best possible way.

Religion gets re-interpreted, rock stars find new ways to make music backstage, politicians thrive on punishment, and a young teacher gets an unexpected legacy from the father he never met. There are startling consequences to a scientific experiment, exhibitionism indoors and outdoors, and a high-profile dominatrix remembering her notorious past during a lockdown.

Stories by Kristan X, Elizabeth Coldwell, Sprocket J. Rydyr, Jordan Monroe, Eve Ray, Louise Kane, Elliot Sawyer, Dilo Keith, Colton Aalto, Zak Jane Keir, Allison Armstrong, and Ralph Greco, Jr.

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By Kristan X

The Xenadocin Trials were carried out over the course of two years in the early 1990s. Back then, Broad River University had a strong reputation for experimental drug development, with a number of high-profile successes. Records of the Xenadocin Trials are, however, extremely difficult to come by, even in the university’s own archives. Urban legend has it that the researchers involved shredded much of their work when the story hit the newspapers.

The facts of the case as they are generally known are quite simple. Xenadocin was intended as a preventative therapeutic for a range of conditions, primarily heart failure. However, the drug had a number of unintended side effects – side effects which are aptly described by one participant in this personal account from a post-trial interview:


I didn’t notice anything at all until about an hour after the first dose, at which point the effects came on rather strongly. The most overwhelming impression I had was of… well… arousal. One minute everything was normal, and the next I felt this incredible rush of desire. Suddenly it felt as though if I wasn’t able to get off in the next few minutes I might just die from frustration. It really was that immediate and that urgent.

It did shock me, somewhat. I remember sitting there, sweating profusely. There was a nurse who was taking my observations – a very pretty nurse with a button nose and a streak of pink in her hair. I could smell her, and having her body that close to me, all warm and soft and feminine… it was almost too much to bear.

I did whatever I could to distract myself. I counted to a hundred, and then backwards down to zero. I imagined the most unappealing things I could to try and switch off that arousal… but it just wouldn’t go. I was rock hard, and even shifting in my seat was enough to kind of… well… stimulate me.

Pretty soon it was almost out of control. I had to excuse myself and go to the men’s room and… well… deal with the situation there. It didn’t take long, I can tell you. As a matter of fact, I barely had to touch myself before I was done – that’s how turned-on I was.

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