Friday 12 November 2021

Two Steps Behind You



Two Steps Behind You is a NA Thriller threaded with romance and suspense. Available for pre-order very soon!


Have you ever had the feeling that someone or something is watching you? That eerie sensation that causes a chill to skitter down your spine, the hairs at the back of your neck to rise. The innate instinct that you are not alone?

Delilah never expected to be on the receiving end of these sensations for so long.

Friendly with everyone while still feeling at a distance, no one would have a reason to stalk her. Right? No one would have a reason to punish her mistakes.

Wrong. Someone is messing with Delilah. Popular and kind, it’s easy for someone unhinged to become consumed, obsessed. Either that or she has a severe ghost infestation.

Could it be a coincidence that the strange happenings only start when her new friend and her shady brother with a controlling streak move to town?

Paranoia can be your worst enemy.

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