Sunday 19 December 2021

All you need for Christmas is… SUCKING HELL


All you need for Christmas is… SUCKING HELL. Book 3 in Andie M. Long’s Sucking Dead series is OUT NOW. Welcome back to the village of Gnarly Fell, where Death lingers just outside the village (with his girlfriend).

Description: Dela Francis is not convinced that the kindly, white-haired Stan A, owner of the DIY store is really Santa, even if he is shutting shop over the holiday season. 'Stan A' could just as easily be reassembled to make Satan after all.

When she discovers Stan up to devilish antics, Dela feels her suspicions might be correct.

Stan's son Nick has an unrequited crush on the fae woman who refuses to date anyone from the village. He wants Dela to see he's the one. What he needs is a Christmas miracle.

But that seems unlikely when an escapee from the Home of the Wayward Souls threatens to spoil the festivities and the potential romance.

Can Santa save the day so that Nick and Dela can have themselves a merry little Christmas?

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