Monday 13 December 2021

⭐️¸.•*´¨)⭐️ The Wedding: A Finding Melodie Sequel ¸.•*´¨)⭐️¸.•*´¨) by Laura Rossi


<3 It's Live <3
¨)⭐️¸.•*´¨)⭐️ The Wedding:
A Finding Melodie Sequel
¸.•*´¨)⭐️¸.•*´¨) by Laura Rossi
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⭐ Praises
"Quirky, funny and sweet" Louise
"I laughed non stop, couldn't put the book down at all." Shabby at Book Bistrot
"Fabulous! A wonderfully, light hearted sequel to Finding Melody... I smiled, laughed, frowned and smiled again all the way through." Sue John
"It's a perfect romcom story to put a big smile on your face!" Stina Andersen
⭐ Blurb
Once upon a time, whilst playing her guitar under The London Eye, a crazy, pink-haired hippie met and became friends with a very, very special guy.
Office Guy.
*Sighs with heart-shaped eyes*
And what started as a game—a love game—soon became something more.
Well, you’ve heard this story before, haven't you?
You know how we became friends and fell in love.
What you don’t know is what happened when we decided to get married. It hasn't been exactly easy to get everyone on board with our relationship.
Let me tell you… From ‘once upon a time’ to ‘happily ever after’, quite a lot has happened.
Buckle up. It’s a roller coaster ride
I’ve missed Melodie and Isaac. Two people from different worlds. The wedding isn’t smooth sailing and working out their differences might bring them closer or drive them apart.

This was fun and I really enjoyed it.

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