Friday 21 September 2018

Take Me in the Night ♥ #BookBirthday ♥


                               Take Me in the Night


First, he took my heart. 

It started in high school. I was his girlfriend…he was the love of my life. 

We had plans for after graduation. We were going to escape—he from his family’s reputation and me from my father’s control. 

But all that changed the summer before college. Charged with a crime he hadn’t committed, he was whisked away from life, never to be heard from again. 

Then, he takes my body. 

Twelve years later, he’s back. He’s bigger, he’s tougher, and he’s harder around the edges. He’s no longer the boy I fell in love with. 

But I’m no longer the girl who gave him her heart. 

Everything’s changed between us. Anger, resentment, and bitterness have replaced happiness, love, and trust. 

Except for when darkness falls. That’s when he comes to me at night, taking what is still his. 

Now, he’s going to take my soul. 

When the lines between our old love and our new hate begin to blur, I know that, this time, I might not survive if he leaves.

Kindle Edition261 pages
Expected publication: September 21st 2018 by R.L. Kenderson

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My eyes popped open, and I sucked in a short breath.
My body was on full alert, but I couldn’t figure out what had woken me.
I stared up at my dark ceiling as I slowed my breathing, so I could listen for any noise.
I could hear crickets outside, playing their nightly tune, but that was it. The street dance must have ended some time ago because I didn’t hear any music or voices.
I waited a few more seconds and rolled to my side to reach for my phone. Maybe a text message had pulled me from my sleep. I should check to see if it was important, although if it was, I should have gotten a phone call instead.
I put my hand on my nightstand, missing my cell, when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye.
A large, imposing figure rose from the old wicker chair I kept in the corner of my room.
I should’ve been scared that someone had gotten into my apartment while I was sleeping, but I knew right away that it was Maddox.
I had no idea how he’d gotten into my apartment, but from the things I read about Navy SEALs, they had a way of getting into areas that average human couldn’t.
A wave of excitement flooded my body, starting at my head and my toes, converging to the area between my legs.
He slowly approached the side of my bed. When he reached me, he looked down as if he was studying me.
He hooked one finger under the sheet covering me, keeping his eyes on mine. He slowly pulled the fabric down and off my body. When I heard him suck in his breath as the sight of my nakedness hit him, a rush of satisfaction went through me.
He still found me attractive.
I watched, fascinated with his body, as he pulled off his T-shirt. He had been muscular in high school since he played football, but his muscles now had to be twice as big. His arms were huge, and his stomach sported an eight-pack. God bless streetlights.
I ran two fingers down his toned abs as he undid his belt and pushed his cargo shorts off his hips.

Take me in the night is a sexy second chance romance. He was sent away, she didn't realise the truth was distorted. 

Maddox holds a grudge but that doesn't mean he can resist his ex, Addison. Their chemistry has always been on fire. The past has changed them both but one thing is still true... temptation is hard to resist. 

Addison wants to help people. She is from a wealthy family and wants to help others in misfortunate circumstances. She's a lawyer and a friend to the community. Her father owns the town. He has more money than kindness. He never liked her childhood sweetheart, Addison just doesn't know how much. 

Maddox is returning home to his family after serving his country. He wants to be with his family and settle back into the town he grew up in. Addison could have saved him all those years ago. He wants to stay away from her but she's the first to bail him out the second he hits town. Fate keeps these two close or maybe it's the fact Maddox can't resist. 

This book is sexy but also has a great story. Something's never change and others just heat up even more. 

This story has some mean bad guys, a hot romance and some home truths.

5 out of 5. 

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R.L. Kenderson is two best friends writing under one name. 
They met in college and bonded over their love of reading and the TV show Charmed.
They write sexy paranormal romance and steamy contemporary romance that make you laugh.