Friday 14 December 2018

Finding Melodie #ComingSoon! #KindleUnlimited


░P░R░E░ ░O░R░D░E░R░ 
πŸ’ž Findin
g Melodie By Laura Rossi πŸ’ž

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Release date 21st of December

Check out early reviews here:

 Review coming soon. Please check out the 21st December release day post. This book is great! 

Finding Melodie

🎢•Blurb My name is Melodie and I'm in love with a guy, but he doesn't know.He walks by every day, I catch him staring, listening to me sing and play my guitar. I don't even know his name.Crazy I know but I can't stop thinking about Office Guy. That's what I secretly call him, Office Guy.We've never even spoken to each other, but then one day he walks up to me and...

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