Friday 8 March 2019

Metl: The ANGEL Weapon #BlogTour #Plus Deleted scene

Metl: The ANGEL Weapon

When technology is outlawed, the future looks a lot like the past.

Thirteen-year-old Caden Aire spends his days working in the fields and his nights sleeping in a horse stable, all under the watch of Metl—Earth's mysterious and artificial second moon, a looming relic of humanity's lost era.

But Caden's simple life changes when one night, a fiery red X suddenly appears on Metl's surface, and the same red Xs start glowing on his palms.

Now Caden must find the only person who knows what's happening to him, but he doesn't have much time. Metl has started on an impact course with Earth, and to stop it, Caden will have to face both the unsettling truth about his world … and about himself.

Metl: The Angel Weapon by Scott Wilson
Publication Date: March 5, 2019
Publisher: Month9Books

You know it's going to be a bad day when you wake up to somebody sitting on you. Especially when that somebody is twice as big and twice as heavy as you are.
"Wakey wakey, Lyfe-y!" Dom yelled, squatting up and down on Lyfe's chest and slapping his cheeks. Lyfe shot awake on his straw mat and tried to shove Dom off, but it was useless; Lyfe's arms were string beans compared to Dom's meat slabs. Dom pinned Lyfe's hands down and restrained them effortlessly.
"You didn't think I'd leave without saying goodbye to my favorite little Nobody, did you?" Dom asked, a smile creeping up his potato-shaped face. "I wanted to give you something to remember me by. So here – my parting gift to you."
Before Lyfe could even react, it was too late. Dom reared his head back, then slammed it down like a hammer right onto Lyfe's forehead. The pain was explosive. Lyfe's vision went black and he could hear Dom laugh as if from underwater. Dom finally let go of Lyfe's hands, but it didn't matter; Lyfe couldn't do anything except lie there covering his swollen face.
"Well it's been fun, Lyfe-y," Dom said. He walked out of Lyfe's chamber and joined up with his friends in the hall. "Maybe I'll see you in town if you ever get out of here. I heard the garbage collectors sometimes adopt the Nobodies. Seems like a perfect fit for you – trash picking up trash."
Dom and his friends laughed and walked away, leaving Lyfe alone with his throbbing pain.

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