Friday 22 March 2019


By Jennah Thornhill
Release date TBC
Cover designed by Obsessed by books designs.
●•٠ⓣⓑⓡ ⓛⓘⓝⓚ٠•●
Coming to college was my way of finding myself, finding who I really was.
Then he happened.
We weren’t what you would call the perfect couple. He was gorgeous, popular and from a well bred family, but most of all he was the captain of the baseball team. He was all set to make it big and play pro ball. I wouldn’t stand in his was way to achieve his dreams, even if it did tear me in two when I made a choice and pushed him away.
Breaking my own heart in the process is only a small price to pay!
I won’t have him staying with me out of duty, he deserves the world and more.
Letting him go and keeping the biggest secret I’ve ever kept nearly kills me, but I do it.
I do it for him.
I have no intentions of ever seeing him again, that is until…
One fatal day eight years later, his team is in an accident. Before I know what I’m doing, I’ve signed up to be their shrink who assess if the team can go back out onto the field…
If he can go back out on the field again.
Do I dare believe that I can still keep my secret and we can be Us again?
I left.
I didn’t want too. I wanted her and only her, but when she declares she no longer loves me, then what’s a heartbroken guy to do?
I was willing to give everything up for her, my family, my dreams.
Instead she throws us away like a piece of yesterdays trash.
I’ve spent the last eight years playing ball and fucking.
Why the fuck not?
She didn’t want me!
I was never supposed to lay my eyes on her again, that is until the life I’ve known for years comes crashing down… literally.
Can I convince her to fix me..
To maybe be Us again?
●•٠ⓐⓤⓣⓗⓞⓡ ⓛⓘⓝⓚⓢ٠•●

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