Friday 29 March 2019

My Kind Of Perfect #Review

My Kind Of Perfect

 I, Adele Roberts, am a romance author, and it’s the most remarkable career in the world, until I lose myself in the depths of my characters’ love lives and realise theirs are way better than my own. 

Determined to find out if ‘Mr Perfect‘ exists, I do the one thing I never thought I would: I sign up for online dating. 

Yes, that’s right. 

I can only imagine it’s a disaster waiting behind the click of a button—or is it? 

Enter Drew Adams. 

He’s hot, dreamy and exactly like the kind of heroes I write about in my books, which means he is too good to be true. 


Well, there’s only one way to find out...

Kindle Edition162 pages
Published March 25th 2019 by K.L. Jessop
Fun, flirty and a little dirty.

Adele Roberts is a romance author, but unfortunately unlucky with her own love life. She is ready to rejoin the dating world but her eyes are firmly on one man. Drew Adams is a successful business owner and Adele is one of his regular customers. She writes and drinks his coffee. He knows her routine and finds her mesmerising. When he finds out she is dating he feels a spike of jealousy. When he sees the men that turn up to meet her he doesn't think any of them are good enough. She thinks he's too good looking. He thinks she isn't interested. When these too connect sparks go into overdrive. My Kind Of Perfect is a comical romance with steamy scenes.

I've read a few of K.L. Jessop books and this one is my favourite so far. The humour worked well and the no filters were affecting more than the coffee. It's fun, flirty and a 5 star from me. This was a kindle unlimited read. The advertising hype had me excited to read I'm so glad it didn't disappoint.

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