Friday 29 November 2019

RUNNING IN HEELS #New #BookBirthday #Freebie The first book in the series is free


Never dismiss a lovely shoe just because you can’t run in it – buy the shoe and walk instead!
Libby has problems. BIG problems.
She wants to move in with James – honestly! – but she can’t tell Cassie that she’s leaving, especially when her bestie starts acting oddly and announces she wants to spend more time with her.
James thinks he sees Libby kiss another guy – how can she prove to him it’s not what it looks like? It’s actually much worse!
And when Libby tries to help her friend Fran, who seems to have even more humungous problems that Libby – if that’s possible - she lands herself not only in deep trouble, but also in grave danger.
Will Libby ever convince James that she’s not trying to keep secrets from him?  
Can James persuade Libby to tell him when something’s wrong?
And how can Libby possibly fit all her shoes into the tiny wardrobe in James’s flat?

Best Foot Forward will be FREE
Friday 29th Nov - Sunday 1st Dec

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  1. Thank you so much! I really hope you and your readers enjoy reading about Libby Lawrence, and that she gives you a good giggle.x