Friday 22 November 2019

Two Thousand Lines by Michelle Jester #Blitz #Review

Two Thousand Lines
Michelle Jester
Publication date: November 21st 2019
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance, Young Adult
Olivia Brooks has been able to keep her life in Sugar Mill, Louisiana held perfectly together, far away from the small town where she grew up. Even though her past still haunts her, she has found a perfect process of surviving, until a string of events brings Luke Plaisance to Sugar Mill and turns her organized life upside down.

While Olivia fights to hold on to the life she’s created, unraveling it may be exactly what it takes for her to truly survive. She must accept her past in order to live, or let it threaten the only future she’s ever wanted. Because some secrets can’t stay buried… and shouldn’t.

An inspiring and heartbreaking tale of abandonment, survival, and purpose. A harrowing journey of self-discovery and perseverance.
Luke saw her red face and swollen eyes.
“Whatever it is, I’m sorry.”
“No need. Besides, maybe I just cut an onion.”
“I’m not asking you why, Olivia, but also don’t feel like you have to lie to me. It’s none of my business and I know that. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.”
“Then why are you here?” she turned abruptly to face him, obviously angered.
“I like cinnamon rolls.”
“You also don’t have to lie either.”
“Mama Gigi,” Luke responded quietly.
“What?” Olivia bowed her head slightly.
“Mama Gigi. She said when I smell cinnamon and baking bread, if I look over here and your kitchen door is open, and I quote, ‘go to her and stay until she’s safe.’”
Olivia looked up with tears welling in her eyes again, “I’ll be sure to close my door next time.”
“No, you won’t. Mama Gigi said you will always have your door open when you make them. She thought whatever you were mourning was pretty strong, ‘cause it obviously made you feel suffocated.”
“I miss her. I miss her so much.”
Luke stood quickly and went to Olivia. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and hold her. But, as he got closer she stepped back, so he stopped.
“I can’t leave until you’re safe.”
“I’m never safe,” she whispered.
“You’ve been safe since I got here.”


Two thousand Lines is my first book by Michelle Jester. The opening pages come with a warning and I think this book needs it.

Olivia Brooks has suffered a childhood that leaves scars. The type that changes alive. Now she’s trying to figure out how to move forward while her past haunts her.

This is a gritty read and won’t be for everyone. I would suggest sampling the first chapter as this lays down our story. When Olivia loses her parents she is left in the hands of someone who turns out to be abusive.

The story is written in both the present and past. It tells the story of Olivia and Luke. The survival and courage to move forward.

This book isn’t my usual read. The beginning of the story is heartbreaking and the aftermath is the story you want to read. Olivia is a character you want to see pull through her past. This book also shows a heartbreaking story which involves animals. The artwork is beautiful and the story has a few twists.

4 stars out of 5. I wanted to read the story but at the same time, I wanted to look away. This will suit some readers perfectly but for me, it was a little too heavy, yet addictive.

Author Bio:
Michelle Jester lives in Greenwell Springs, Louisiana with her husband, high school sweetheart and retired Master Sergeant. Together they have a son and daughter. She is a hopeless romantic and has been writing poems and stories for as long as she can remember.
One of her prize possessions is a bracelet with only a yellow, Rubber Duckie charm on it; which she wears every day to remind her to enjoy the fun and happy things of life!


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