Wednesday 6 November 2019

Twisted Fairytales #Review


What happens when seven contemporary romance authors get together and write about fairytales? You get a steamy version of the classic story! Grab a glass of wine and be prepared for each retelling that will make you blush.

Beauty and the Biker by Brittany Anne
Sweet Taboo by Zara M. Baily
Little Mermaid by PE Kavanagh
Big Bad Wolf by R.L. Kenderson
Finally Satisfied by S. Louise
Snow White by C.L. McGrath
The Ugly Duckling in Disguise by Annabeth Saryu

(Due to mature content, these short stories are not intended for readers under the age of 18.)
Twisted fairytales have a range of different retellings. Some follow the classic tales and some are a little more outside the box. Each story is written by a different author and there are seven in total. Some of these authors I’ve read before some I haven’t. Below is a little about each instalment.

Beauty and the Biker: A beauty and the beast retelling with a biker twist. This follows the key elements in the classic tale only with a criminal modern world.

Sweet Taboo: Ansel (Hansel) and Ginger (Gretel). This is a Forbidden stepbrother romance. It’s a little outside the box.

Little Mermaid: Ria the mermaid in the sixties. An interesting different story with a few similar points the original story.

Big bad wolf: who’s afraid of the big bad wulf? What if I told you he would be sweet to your grandma but a wild fantasy in the sheets.

Finally satisfied: Aurelia Golding (Goldie locks) with a reverse harem twist. Three brothers and the girl who’s found in their house.

Snow White: A completely modern world. She’s out of luck he’s in a place to help her out.

The ugly duckling in disguise: Online gaming romance. She’s a big gamer with a secret identity. He’s the man she already loves.

This is a mixture that will have something for everyone. I enjoyed some stories more than others. It’s a good way to get a taster of an author. This book offers something for each kind of romance reader.

ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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