Thursday 19 December 2019

A Love to Buzz About #Audiobook #Review #KindleUnlimited


Sabrina Daley has been burned by love in the past.

She is worried about opening up her heart again to another man.

When she meets a handsome and kind police detective name David Carlson at her coffee shop, he proves hard to resist.

Dating a detective isn't easy, however. Especially when David starts pulled away by frequent emergency calls.

Can David and Sabrina find a way to make their relationship last?

Or is Sabrina destined to have her heart broken again?

Find out by buying a copy of A Love to Buzz About right now!

This book is a standalone happily ever after sweet romance.

I've listened to quite a few of Meredith Potts cozy mystery books. The main character in the stories is Sabrina Daley. A love to buzz about is the prequel romance between her and her detective boyfriend. I really glad Meredith wrote this story as the background to Sabrina's relationship was sweet and fills some gaps in the Daley Buzz series.

Sabrina's previous relationship was a disappointment. It leaves her cautious when it comes to finding new love. David Carlson is a detective which means he's time is devoted to the job. When David visits Sabrina's coffee shop the chemistry is instant but she doesn't want to be second best.

David is determined to have a chance with Sabrina, even after he's job proves to make it difficult.

This is a sweet romance about making it work.

I listened to A Love to Buzz About and enjoyed the narrative. This can be read as a standalone story.

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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