Sunday 23 October 2022

A Terror Triptych by Kasey Fallon #Cover Reveal


A Terror Triptych
Kasey Fallon
Publication date: January 2023
Genres: Adult, Horror

Three stories. One island. No hope.

A triptych ~ three parts of one whole, reflecting your worst fears.

The new boy in school is finally making friends. On an island with centuries-old secrets, the numerous missing persons flyers are the least of Ryley’s problems as vengeance blurs the lines between then and now in The Sleepover.

A sister goes to an insane asylum, caring for her sister after a disastrous incident. But strange moments lead to terror inside the ward as she realizes she might not be able to get back out. Can she escape being The Visitor forever?

Tai and his group of friends are on the perfect vacation; blue skies, perfect waves, and a beautiful island. The brochures didn’t mention how many people died or went missing there every year, but the locals know to never go into The Copse; a grove of trees where people vanish. When Tai is forced to enter the forest he’ll do anything to survive what’s coming for them.

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Author Bio:

I have always been - and likely always will be - a writer.
I have led a very long life in a less-than-imagined amount of years.
From childhood abuse to earning my blackbelt; from living in my car to living at the Four Seasons; from having 4 jobs at once to being unemployed with two college degrees; to losing my loved ones and winning my life.

One of Life's greatest joys for me is my dog (or any dog really). My beast's name is Asher and he's a gorgeous 100lb lap dog.

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