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Archangel's Kiss
The Cursed Angels Series Book 1
by Anna Santos
Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy Romance 

Gargoyles, Angels, and Vampires. Deadly enemies. An Angel Prince looking for his fated mate to break his curse. A Vampire King with a heart of stone. 

Aria loses her humanity after being saved by a monster she believed only to exist in horror stories. But everything isn’t what it seems when her savior becomes a handsome angel prince who awakened her ancient and deadly powers. Powers that can destroy the world, or save it.
Only true love can break the prince’s curse and stop him from turning into stone for all eternity. Despite the overwhelming chemistry between Aria and the prince, they only have thirty days to fall in love before their bond is put to the test.
Peril strikes in the form of an addictive drug that can kill vampires and angels are to blame. Conflict is blooming and the peace treaty between the Angel Prince and the Vampire King is threatened. 
Aria is caught in a love triangle when the Vampire King discovers that the girl he had refused to take as his is now the prince’s new mate. Tormented by the rash decision that almost killed her, the king now believes that he’s saving Aria from the clutches of the manipulative prince.
Finding out that supernatural creatures exist becomes less terrifying for Aria than discovering what she’s destined to become if she lets her Archangel’s abilities take over and change her. 
Aria is much more than the average, eighteen-year-old girl who wanted to find the cure for cancer. She’s now a deadly Archangel warrior and the future queen of the angels and gargoyles if only she can manage to break her lover’s curse and keep the Vampire King at bay.
What would you give up for true love? Find out in Archangel’s Kiss. 

"As gripping as it is suspenseful, intriguing, dark and mysterious!” ★★★★★-Amazon Review 

"If you are into the paranormal fantasy genre this one will tick most of the boxes." ★★★★★ -Amazon Review 

"The character building is incredible- I feel I've known these characters forever & I couldn't have asked for a better storyline/plot!” ★★★★★ Amazon Review 

The Cursed Angels Series is a Young Adult Paranormal Angel and Vampire Romance. It’s a coming of age novel intended for younger audiences. If you loved the Iron Fey and the Twilight Saga, you’ll love this story and fall in love with the characters. 

This book is for anyone who loves:
*Angels & Vampires
*Shifter Romance (Werewolves)
*Teen and Young Adult Paranormal Romance
*New Adult Paranormal Romance
*Magical Powers and Supernatural Creatures
*Alternative Reality and Alternative History
*Tales of forbidden love
*Fiction involving princesses, charming princes, dark kings, and fated mates.

Archangel's Fire
The Cursed Angels Series Book 2

Aria's powers as a Red Angel are something that’s not been seen for a long time.

Prince Cedric couldn’t be happier about her transformation. Yet, Aria feels the angel inside her wants to take over her personality and transform her into a ruthless warrior. 

To make things worse, the Vampire King regrets rejecting her and wants her back. Aria can't deny the attraction to her former mate, but she wants to stay true to Cedric and the love that had blossomed between them.

Tensions rise between vampires and angels. Philippe and Cedric need to put their differences aside if they want to stop a dangerous drug, Clarity. The trouble doesn’t stop there as vicious creatures will do anything to start a war in the supernatural community and prevent Cedric from surviving the trial.

Archangel's Awakening
The Cursed Angels Series Book 3

War is coming and innocent lives are at stake.

Aria fights her angel while Cedric declares war to the ones who have kidnapped his mate.
In the middle of all this, Philippe fears for the life of the woman he loves and does everything to convince the Prince of the Angels that they need to join forces to survive.
As the real enemy shows itself and threatens to destroy everything that the angels sacredly protect, Aria needs to find out more about the origin of her power and decide who her heart truly belongs to.

What would you sacrifice for the one you love?

Find out in Archangel's Awakening, the last installment of Aria, Cedric, and Philippe’s story.

Angel's Touch
The Cursed Angels Series Book 4

A curse to break, a mate to save. 

Young Camille’s dreams are shattered when she’s rejected by the ruthless and abusive Alpha of the Shadow Pack. Her only chance at survival is to arrive in Paris and pray that what her brother told her about the angels is true.

Chased and almost killed upon her arrival, she’s saved by the mythical creatures who protect the city. Plus, Fate gives her a new mate—the one she always dreamed about. But with a price.

Jacob had been waiting a long time to be matched with a rejected soul so he could break his curse and become a full angel. Camille is everything he’d been looking for in a mate—she has a good heart and she’s extremely brave. Running against time, they have thirty days to fall in love or he will turn into stone, forever.

Peril strikes when Alpha Simon wants to reclaim Camille. In a mad quest for power, he wages war on the other packs. Now more than being saved, Camille needs to be the savior and stop the cruel Alpha from hurting the people she loves.

Find out how Camille and Jacob met in this sweet fantasy angel romance that can be read as a standalone. 

Chapter ONE

The alarm sounded loud and clear, warning everybody in the palace. I hoped that this was the night. I had been visualizing it for a long time. Two years, to be more precise. It had been that long since it last rang.
For a moment, I thought that I was hearing things. Yet, the alarm kept ringing, warning about the existence of a rejected soul wandering the streets of Paris. My heart raced in my chest as I balled my hands in expectation. Maybe today was my lucky day.
I jogged from my library to the nearest balcony where I had a better view of the other side of the veil. Our dimension had a magical portal over Paris. My gargoyle’s sharp senses enabled me to see further. Sometimes, it was challenging to distinguish anything as the city had too many lights.
Focusing my sight, I found it—the amazing and shining sparkle of a rejected soul. It gleamed intensely, and it was breathtaking. I couldn’t recall ever thinking that a soul looked that enchanting before. It had a mixture of bright and serene colors, and it was captivating. Whoever that soul belonged to, that person had to be pure and good at heart.
My warriors had already transformed into gargoyles and were flying around the palace’s towers. I heard pounding footsteps heading my way. They were waiting for me to give the order for them to go and get the soul. Still, I had no intention of letting them depart without me.
My breathing stopped, when the bright soul, which had been quiet and motionless in one place, suddenly began to move quickly as if something was dragging it away. I noticed as it began fading and flickering. Preoccupied, I jumped in the air, morphing into my gargoyle form in the process. I didn't wait for anyone else as I flew to the rescue.
I don't think I have ever flown that fast in my life. I sped up more when I understood what was going on—a girl was fighting against the currents in the Seine. The bastard who had rejected her had probably tried to kill her or she had jumped. It wouldn't be a first. Rejected souls tend to be suicidal. Yet, she was fighting to survive. I could hear her voice, begging for help. I could see her arms struggling, trying to keep her head above the surface as her mouth sucked in the air. As I pushed my wings to go faster, I was utterly spellbound by the celestial light that surrounded her.
Arriving at her location, I flew lower. Stretching my arms out, I grabbed her by her arms and made the effort to move up quickly, so I wouldn't drop her. Then I pulled her into my arms and secured her against my chest. She coughed against my shoulder. She had her eyes closed, unaware that she was safe because she kept praying and crying as she clutched my neck.
Thankfully, I had arrived before she drowned.
Moments later, I landed in a dim part of the city near a park. I needed her to calm down, so she could look into my eyes, but she didn’t want to be apart from my embrace. She was shivering and rambling on in her native tongue. She was not French. This wasn’t a problem as angels and gargoyles understood
all languages across the world.
When her arms released my neck, and her feet touched the ground, I was able to see her tangled dark hair in front of her face and the soaked clothes glued to her fragile body. I brushed the tousled hair away from her pretty face while noticing her silky white skin, her doll face, and her pale, plump lips.
It had never occurred to me that I could crave so intensely to bond with a soul, even before looking into the girl’s eyes and knowing if we were a match or not. But everything about her made me desire her., especially the bright and fantastic light surrounding her. She had the most beautiful soul I had ever seen. She would make a perfect queen. If only I could choose, I would want her. But I couldn't.
Anna Santos is a Bestselling Author in Paranormal Romance.

She likes to write steamy and happily ever after romances with magical and complex characters. All her books feature clever, witty, and strong heroines and dominant males who either get what they want or get what they deserve.

When she isn't writing, Anna is considering plot twists for her next novel or delving into the world of her favorite authors. She loves superheroes, and she’s a geek at heart. She grew up watching Star Wars and plotting a way to become a Ninja. She has a fascination for Chinese Kung Fu movies, and cherry blossom flowers.
She also enjoys writing poetry, watching a good movie, and spending time with her husband and family.

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