Thursday 16 January 2020


Take a look at this teaser for this sexy single dad romcom coming January 21st from Emma Hart!

I raised my hand to knock on the door right as it opened.
Instead of hitting the door, I hit Mason.
At least it wasn’t in the face.
“Good morning to you, too,” he said dryly, eyes sparking with laughter.
“Well, that’s what you get for opening the door when I’m about to knock.” I sniffed. “Grandma made enough pancakes to feed the five thousand, even though church is canceled.”
“Since when did church get canceled? Is God all worshipped out for the week?” He put the trash bag he was holding into the can at the side of the house.
“Apparently the Pastor’s sick.”
“Don’t they have a deputy for that?”
“I have no idea. Do I look like I go to church?”
“In your little pink pajama shorts and no bra? No, but I think you’d make church a lot more interesting if you did.”
I pursed my lips. “Do you want these pancakes or not?”
“I want to know why there’s a ladder against my house pointing at my bedroom window. Can I have both?”
With a sigh, I walked into his house ahead of him. “Fine. Is Maya awake?”
“Maya’s outside with Dolly.”
“Dolly? Do you have another child hidden I don’t know about?”
“She’s the puppy, smartass,” he muttered. “Coffee?”
“Please. I was woken up by Grandma singing Another One Bites the Dust.”
“The Queen song?”
“Yeah. She checks the obituaries every week to see if anyone she knows has died and plays that song if they have. She says it’s a reminder that she could be next so I need to get married.”
Mason paused for a moment. “And there’s nothing morbid about that first thing on a Sunday morning at all.”

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