Thursday 23 January 2020

Frozen Sector #Review #KU

Frozen Sector

(Zombie Year 2099 #1)

It’s January and I’m still in the festive spirit. I promise this is my last Christmas read. Although, this did come out in January so maybe it doesn’t count.

The Frozen Sector intrigued me from the first teaser. The year is 2099 and the world has been taken over by Zombies. Betrothed elf, Fraeya has been kidnapped by the emery. Magic seems to be on the fritz and Santa is nowhere to be seen. She’s at the mercy of Rott, a zombie who has a thing for flesh. He’s feeding on the people Fraeya wants to protect, while helping himself to whatever he wants from her.

Vaegon is dying from the lack of water and mal nutrient. He’s a slave to a group of shifter wolfs. His future isn’t looking good but he still has the memories of the one he loves.

They have both reached braking point and needs a helping hand. With the bond of love can two elf’s change their fates.

This story is creative. It’s an dark erotic read with a zombie twist. Santa is featured in the story and we have locations such as the North Pole. It has a dark festive theme but it can be read at any time. There is nothing warm and fuzzy about zombies, even with the love story of two Elves.

If you are looking for something different this is available on KU and is part of a series. Each sector story is written by a different author and are being realised weekly.

I liked this book. It’s post apocalyptic with themes suitable for an adult audience. Christmas never looked so bad. I needed this. Something outside the box and this was just that.

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