Sunday 12 January 2020

Web of Lies Anthology #BlogTour #Review

Web of Lies Anthology


The four things all of our characters have in common. They'll do anything for love, including lying to the person they're with.

In this anthology you'll see a wide range of stories written by multiple authors. Take a dive in to see the lengths they'll go to keep their happiness aflame.

The ex by Rae B. Lake
Revenge is a dish best served cold. This story is ordinary and extraordinary. On the surface, we have a new couple. Romance and heat. Yet we also have a secret mission. An unnamed character story. Who is the deceiver and who is being deceived?
When the line is blurred between love and war there is going to be fireworks.

Pretty little Deceiver by Jessica Ames
One last job. One high profile businessman. This is the story of the aftermath. Annabel let her boss research the target not realising all is not as it seems. These two have great chemistry and an even bigger problem. Money, lies and a web of deceit.

Betrayal by Leah Negron
Lisa lost the guy she thought would be her forever in an accident that changed everything. Now her best friends Ryan and Marie desperately want her to meet someone so they can resume date nights. Zack is their latest pick. For the first time, Lisa is considering a second date. As we know this anthology is called web of lies therefore this story takes a turn of events. Can Lisa find happiness again?

Deceptive Love by Elizabeth Knox
A prequel to A Mackenzie Series which is set twenty-three years earlier (This is my first story by this author).
Sofia is the daughter of a powerful man. She always knew the time would come when her father would find her a husband. Valentin is a Russian mafia bosses son. He is known as the Ice King. His family is feared and the hint of crime is unspeakable. When Sofia leaves Mexico for her new life little does she know of what the future holds? This story does end on a cliff hanger with a promise of more in about 6 months. The book is slowly setting up the chance for a new life within the Irish MC which I’m guessing is the series the author has written this prequel for.

Last standing rock by W. M. Dawson
Layla is on the run from a serial killer in Nevada desert. Special agent Alex Douglas is sent on a rescue mission. Now the pair have a guy hot on their trial and geographic landscape to navigate.

The Thong Diaries by Taylor Dawn
Ian and Lance want to save their legacy. Selling physical copies of Miami Gazette in the digital world is proving difficult. In the last effort to save their company, they try something drastic to uncover what makes a column writer tick.
Audrey Chandler wants a new challenge but the higher-ups believe The Thong Diaries need her too much. Ian is her new sidekick and things are about to get tangled into a web of lies. When the truth comes out could there be something more for the publishing world?

Raven, A Phoenix saga novella part 3 by A. C. Williams
This is part of a bigger story and as the title states, this is part 3. Peck is trying to save his friend who has been taken by Luca. This story has a lot of characters to become familiar with and is focused around a gangster family. Lucas is a kingpin. One of the bad guys. In order to save Alanna a dangerous chase is on. I felt this would have been better if I’d have read part 1&2. This is action-packed with suspense and mystery. It promises a part four will continue the story.

Little white lies by Elizabeth York
One plane ride. One act of kindness. One meet by chance? Hallie and Dean end up sharing a home together. What she needs is a chance at a future. This is one hot relationship which will need a net when the truth comes out. Will Dean catch her?

Kiss and lies by Sonya Jesus
Shifter world. Two male dragons and a girl to tame them both. This is a creative, heated story. It’s fast-paced and ends perfectly.

Summer at the Cipriani by Alice La Roux
This truly is a web of lies and mystery. Who’s playing who? Vivian is holidaying with her rich friends. On the surface life is the same as before. Parties, sun and romance. Unfortunately, like most people, Vivian has a secret. Just like our leading man Lucas. Unfortunately, he has to do a lot of grafting to get what he wants. Vivian is distracting but all is not as it seems. But isn’t the prize worth the game? This one does end with a cliffhanger but the web is beginning to untangle.

Of his own accord by Courtney Lynn Rose
Beth and Logan’s story. He’s ex-military but that doesn’t mean his past won’t catch up with him. For their relationship to work, something has to change.

I’ve enjoyed this set of short stories. Each one offered something different and there are some really good ones which caught my attention. This is available on Kindle Unlimited.

I received an ARC which gave me a head start reading this but I finished it using my KU subscription. This is one of the best anthologies I’ve read. Each story is creative and it would be difficult to pick a favourite.

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